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 Website Funnel 

A website funnel, is designed to be a catch all marketing tool as well as a very effective sales funnel, that takes people from visiting your website to actual buyers. It guides website visitors on a journey of specific desired action. And any website can be converted to one.

Online marketing isn’t just about getting people to visit your website. It’s about getting highly targeted visitors who are interested in your offer, to your website. And then because you have a website funnel getting these visitors to take certain actions. And ultimately to produce paying customers, clients or patients.

These first actions may be filling out an email form, requesting a call, requesting a quote or purchasing something there and then.  A website funnel is a customer relationship management tool.

And if you want to automate your online business, this is what you need.

What Is A Website Funnel

A web site “funnel” is an online marketing device that is designed to sift through the various visitors to a website and order them in various categories. Browsing, interested, want more information, ready to buy and customers. And the secret of a good website funnel is that it will take each category and keep in touch until they are ready to buy and buy again.  

It is called a funnel because when built right there will be a lot of visitors who visit your site, lots will take an interest in your offer and ask for more information, less people will ask to be contacted and even less will make a purchase. 

This is how things are online. 

However with a good web site funnel you will keep in touch with everyone who is interested. And then when they are ready to buy and buy again they will buy from you.

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Website Funnel Analysis

A website funnel analysis is understanding the ratios of the actions of people who visit your funnel. It gives you an overview of what is happening and the numbers you need for any given outcome.

For example, let’s look at a website that wants to turn visitors to the site into buyers.

The steps in the funnel are:

visiting the website,

adding a product to the shopping cart,

clicking to check out and completing the purchase.

So let’s imagine there are 1000 visitors.

Of these 500 add something to their shopping cart. 300 click to check out and eventually 200 actually buy.

Analysing these numbers tell you that 20% of people who visit your site buy. You can analyse every stage and the value of each website visitor by applying analytics.

You can also do the same by adding in figures for every stage such as email opt-ins, phone calls, visits or anything else you include in your web site funnel. By giving a representation this way you can easily see any flaws in your funnels and quickly fix it.

Conducting a periodic website funnel analysis is a very helpful tool in understanding the path to conversion on your website. 

Best Website Funnel Builder

Your website funnel is a very valuable asset so it is only natural that people often ask , “Which is the best website funnel builder”?

There are a number of adequate old style 'clunky' funnel builders available. And each in their turn will help you create a fully functional funnel. However as you will see when you follow the link on this page. There is a new kid on the block, that because it offers state of the art technology, is breaking record after record.

Here are the 8 funnels builders that are seen most online.


ClickFunnels is perhaps the most widely used sales funnel creator but it is not a website funnel. It is also very expensive, especially when you opt for their suite of online tools. Once you are a member then you are relentlessly marketed to, to get you to spend more and more money.


Kartra is a better choice for creating sales funnels, as it takes website visitors step by step through the sales process. The cost is a little better than ClickFunnels but as your business grows you will be paying more and more to use the service.


Leadpages is primarily designed for just creating landing pages. It includes conversion enhanced templates, so creating a sales funnel is possible with this tool. Leadpages also connects with over 1000 other marketing tools, so you can in theory connect and complete your sales funnel with your preferred CRM, payment processors and more. In practice it can be a nightmare getting everything to work together.


GetResponse is primarily an email marketing software but GetResponse’s sales funnel include social ad creation, landing page creation, responsive web forms, exit-intent pop-ups, conversion-focused sales pages, and one-click upsells.


CartFlows is an acceptable tool for “one-click sales funnels”. It comes with templates and training on how to use them. You can build a simple sales funnel in about twenty minutes according to their promotional literature. And it only works with WordPress sites.


OptimizePress is a funnel and sales pages builder for WordPress sites. You can choose to use one of the pre-built templates of funnels or make your own. Some WordPress users love it.


Landingi is a simple landing page maker, but it can operate as a funnel builder. It comes with numerous templates and has an easy to use editor. They say that building pages and connecting them up in a sales funnel is easy. However it doesn’t have a shopping cart feature and relies on different integrations.


Builderall appears at first to be a very competent funnel builder tool, but it can be very overwhelming for beginners. Its main problem is that it ends up being a jack of all trades and master of none.

All of the above funnel builders will produce a sales funnel. But they are using what is now old technology. So, why settle for that, when you can have the latest state of the art website funnel for free for life, when you click the picture below.

My advice is simple. Get YOUR website funnel TODAY and you won’t need or want anything else.

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Funnel Examples

There are many funnel examples around and if you’ve bought stuff online you have more than likely been through one. So the next time you buy online see if you can spot it and the stages it takes you through.

Let’s imagine that you have an ecommerce store that sells football T-shirts. You know that your target customers can be found on Facebook and that your ideal customers are males between the ages of 15 and 65 years of age.

You post items and ads etc on a Facebook page that gets visitors to your website funnel. Here you ask your prospective customer for their email address in exchange for a freebie or discount code.

Now you have firm lead instead of an unknown prospect.

They have now entered your funnel.

Over the next few days, you send out emails to entertain and educate your lead about the quality and coolness of your T-shirts. You might share hot slogans to put on the shirts, share pictures of pretty girls wearing the shirts and have review quotes from existing customers.

Over time these prospects end up buying a T-shirt so now you put them on your buyers list. And you keep sending emails to this list keeping them up to date on the latest T-shirts, offering discounts and maybe free offers for so many referrals.

You are now turning your customer into sales people for your store.

This is an example of a funnel.

A website funnel takes things a step further and gives you a full CRM tool. When you click the link above and get your free funnel builder you’ll see lots and lots of designs for website funnels that are easy to adapt for any business.

Website Funnel Design

website funnel design graphic

Website funnel design is important because the design has a big influence on the end result. But designing a website on your own used to be a very difficult task, especially, if you are non-technical like me. There was so many coding issues and principles to take into account, that you ended up having to hire a very expensive website developer.

Now thanks to this new amazing tool I can build a professional website funnel in minutes. My website funnel design lets me catch and keep the visitors attention. This is not because I have suddenly become the best website designer on the planet.

No, it’s because I use templates that have been designed by the best website funnel designers on the planet. I simply change and adapt them to my personal leads.

On my website I want an effective sales funnel that will draw my website visitors in, get them interested in my offer, and get them to give me their email address. And that is exactly what I get using these specially designed templates.

An optimized website funnel can make all the difference between having a website that is an asset or having one that is simply a liability. If your goal for your website visitors is to get them to take action — any action — you must a workable website funnel.

The software I use lets me choose between creating my own or using the highly convertible templates.

You could be using them too.

Website Funnel Building Agency

In the past most people believed that for a great website they had to use a website funnel building agency. Many went down this route only to find, that because there website was designed by designers and not online marketers, that they waited in vain for the resulting new business they were looking for.

If your website isn’t converting visitors into new business you don’t need a better agency. You need a better website that will provide your business with a lot of leads that will convert to sales.

A website funnel is all about targeting the right prospects for your business, getting them to visit your website and then nurturing them through the various stages of their buyer journey.

Do you need an agency - no - but you may need help.

That is why when you follow the links on this page you will discover that you will have all the help you need to build on your own.

Website Funnel Conversion Optimization

Maybe you are very familiar with the website funnel. What you are looking for is basic website funnel conversion optimization. Perhaps you’ve been persuaded into buy expensive funnel software only to discover that it does not ork as it is supposed to. And if you want to make it work, you find that yet again have got to buy something else.

Another piece of software, another program.

When it comes to conversions wouldn’t you like to learn from those who have been super successful with their own website conversion and who will tell you all the pros and cons.

If you would then click this link to not only get the best website funnel but also receive the best training possible too.     

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