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Online Business Marketing

Online business marketing exists because of the internet. The world population as of Jan 2021 stands at 7,837,551,000 and of these just over 61% has an internet connection. In 1995, it was less than 1%.

Thanks to the British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee the World Wide Web came into being in 1989. And since the mid-1990s, the Internet has had a revolutionary impact on culture, commerce, and technology, including the rise of near-instant communication by electronic mail, instant messaging, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls, video chat, and the World Wide Web with its discussion forums, blogs, social networking services, and online shopping sites.

It certainly won’t be long before the Internet and the latest technologies has just about everyone on the planet online. Now add in the recent COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted into a massive shift to online and you have the best time ever for online business marketers.

Now an online marketer can be anyone from a multi-national business to a single individual marketing online from their back bedroom. Because online marketing is anything you do to spread the word about your business that makes use of the Internet to reach your targeted website-builder-tutorial or market.

Basically, it’s anything that you do on-line to grab the attention of the people who want what you offer. And then turning them into willing and happy buyers.

There are billions of potential customers worldwide and there are very many ways to connect with them, get them interested and sell them.

This OBAZ website is designed to help you to market effectively online whether you are a veteran, a new beginner or somewhere in between. So take a good look round and make of use of all the resources both free and paid. The outcome for you will be better online marketing for your business.

This workshop will set you on the road for your own fast online marketing success.

  • Conducted by Paul a veteran online marketer.  An internationally recognized digital marketing expert, sales funnel expert, SEO specialist, and digital marketing course creator.

  • Co-founder of numerous online businesses, a movie producer, podcaster, author, and an internationally recognized digital marketing expert. 

  • His proven digital marketing strategies have helped people, just like you, achieve amazing results in multiple industries including Bio-Tech, Finance, E-commerce, Health, Entertainment, and more. 

Online Business Marketing Ideas

Finding workable online business marketing ideas for your business, whatever its type or size can be somewhat challenging, not to mention very expensive, if you don’t know what you are doing.

There a vast array of marketing ideas for a business online. But not every idea will work for every business, so you have to find and use the ones that will be most beneficial for what you do.

For example ideas that work for a big multi-national business most likely will not work for a much smaller local business. And vice versa.

Remember, the aim of a business marketing online is to get the core message or offer in front of as many people as possible. It is to create awareness of the business or offer, attract those who want it and turn them into paying consumers. In a smaller business, this can sometimes be somewhat challenging, and calls for greater creativity because the marketing budget is understandably a lot less than the bigger competitors.

This is an obstacle that can be easily overcome because OBAZ is here to enlighten you and show you some fantastic ways and marketing ideas for your business online.

Here are three online business marketing ideas that you can use today.

No 1. Use Googles free listings to get free online exposure for your website funnel. So that when someone is looking online for anything related to your business your business will show up.[LINK}

No 2. Use the different social media sites to get visibility for your business. Don’t try to use them all but choose a couple that are best suited to your type of business and take time to learn how to use them effectively. Do some research and see where your prospective customers, clients or patients hang out. Then devise a way to get your message out to them. [LINK]

No 3. Develop a freebie relative to what your main offer is. And give it away in exchange for peoples email address. You can then follow up directly with personalised free help and marketing messages. The key is to make your give away useful to your target website-builder-tutorial. [LINK]

For more marketing ideas [LINK]

Online Business Marketing Strategies

Here we look at developing the best online business marketing strategies to reach your target prospective buyers. But first you need to distinguish between a strategy and a tactic.

A strategy is your long term aim and the main milestones you need to reach to get to where you want to be. It’s the journey you intent to take. Tactics on the other hand are much more defined. They are the smaller steps between the milestones along the way. And these may alter according to daily circumstances. However to get to where you want to be you must get to the milestones in order.

A strong online marketing strategy for your business is essential otherwise you will be off course very soon. So spend some time to reflect on where you want your online business to be, 10 years, 5 years, 1 year from now. Then lay out your strategy or strategies to get there.

Here are the online strategies that may give you some ideas to expand.

1. Invest in The Right Website.

Often a business will say OK I need a website and then rush to get one up as soon as possible. Really without a lot of thought. Some pay thousands for a really cool looking website. Others try to do it on a shoestring or for free. But the sad fact is that the vast majority of websites are a liability and not an asset. Your website needs to be the center point of all your online marketing efforts, so if it’s not set up right, it won’t matter how much money or time you put into this step of your strategy. It won’t get you to where you want to be. [LINK]

2. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have your website set up correctly then you could use SEO to make sure your business website is highly listed on the search engine results. With an effective SEO strategy, your website and business offer will be the business an individual searcher will choose to work with after searching relative keyword phrases online. [LINK] 

3. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy based on building an email list and then sending a series of emails to connect with prospects and convert them into customers, clients or patients . And then turn those first time buyers into recurring buyers. One of the main advantages of email marketing is that it is very easy to automate the whole process. [LINK]

These are just three steps in a online marketing strategy for more help [LINK]

Your strategy is more than an online business marketing plan that simply highlights the steps. Your marketing strategy deals with the best steps. Strategy is the reasons why, and a plan focuses on the how.   


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Online Business Marketing Courses

The best online business marketing courses are often found online. And they teach the main digital marketing skills required for marketing on the world wide web. However they fall into two camps.

Camp number one is the academic learning of online marketing for business. And here in these courses you’ll learn about online advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more. At the end you will be a certified digital marketing professional and this may help you if you are seeking to just have a job in some aspect of online marketing. [LINK]

Camp number two is learning from those who do it successfully day after day, after day and make a fortune. They have been and are successful online right now. These are willing to share their expertise in various areas with you. At the end of the course you won’t have an academic qualification but you will know how to market profitably online. Regardless of the type or size of business you’re in. [LINK]     

Online Business Marketing Classes

Online business marketing classes are one off classes that will often focus on a specific section or sub section of online business marketing. In this area there are plenty of free and paid for classes. They are ideal for self-paced online learning that you can dip into at anytime and anywhere in the world.

The biggest danger with free classes is that all of the information may not be correct. So you have to be careful who you learn stuff from. Many a YouTube video has sent newbie marketers down the wrong road for an awful long time.

Most business owners know their own fields of competence and it’s why they are running their business. However, when it comes to marketing their business, they know they need help.

They can either hire someone to do it for them.

Get an employee to learn it.

Or do it themselves.

Currently, thanks to the internet the online world is packed full of information, on just about any topic you could wish to learn. Online marketing is no exception. You just need to make your choice of which online marketing classes will be best for your business. And get started today!

Online Business Marketing Tools

Online business marketing tools are needed if you want to market effectively online. The main tool is of course the internet itself. Because it gives you 24 hour access to a worldwide market regardless of your own location. It enables previously local businesses to sell around the globe.

Failing businesses have failed to embrace the modern way and keep trying to get by with old-school out dated marketing tactics. They just aren’t using the world wide web the internet to its full potential.

To stay ahead of your competition you need to use online marketing to its full potential. To do this you will need tools or the people who can use these tools to maximize your business potential.

It is no longer enough to just throw up an add and call that marketing because in a recent study 83% who were asked said they don’t trust ads. This is why ads on Google search results get such a low click through rate. So start using these tools to promote your business and offer more efficiently, for faster results.

Required Online Marketing Tools

Website Funnel

Search Engine Optimization

Email Software

Social Media Posting

Video Creation

These are just five of the big ones and you could source these as separate tools. This would cost a fortune and then you would struggle to get them to work together. A smarter way would be to source a cloud software that provided all the tools you need for online marketing that are all integrated. And that is what you can get here.[LINK]

better online marketing tools

Online Business Marketing Tips

I’ll close this article by leaving you with a few online business marketing tips.

1.      Have a clear view of what you want to achieve with your online marketing.

2.      Make sure you have a great website funnel.

3.      Get lots and lots of highly targeted visitors to your website.

4.      Keep up to the changes in online marketing.

5.      Give people what they want.

6.      Be adaptable.

7.      Follow and learn from successful online marketers.

Online Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What is online marketing business?

An online marketing business is a business that uses the world wide web to spread its message or offer to its prospective customers, clients or patients. If you use the internet in your business you are in online marketing and it’s important you do it right!

How do I start an online marketing business?

Find a hungry market in that there is a problem to be solved, a want meet or a desire to be fulfilled. Then reach out to them online with an irresistible offer.

What is the best online marketing company?

I guess it would be a toss up between Amazon, Facebook and Google. However the best one for you is the one that gets you excited, makes you lots of money and gives you all the free time you want. The one that lets you live the life of your dreams.

How do I market my business online?

You learn how to do it because there is a formula for success, a recipe for a proven and tested successful outcome. There is no need to make mistakes that cost you a lot of time and money. Because others have already made them. So learn from those who are successful with online business marketing today.