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Video Sales Letter Workshop

How To Use VideoTo Sell

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If you are not already marketing your online offers with video, it is time to start.

Because, just about every business can benefit from using video in their marketing. And especially video sales letters. There is just so many advantages to this type of marketing. Today, video sales letters (VSLs) are the medium of choice for anyone with a product or service to sell.

With a VSL you replace your written sales copy with a video exploring a problem, and introducing a particular product or service as the solution. Simple and easy .However, as with most things there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. This workshop is to help you avoid wasting time and money by doing things the wrong way. And show you the right way. That will fill up your bank account. 

How To Create A Video Sales Letter

Here’s a list of this 9 part video series in more detail:

Video #1 – Introduction to Hybrid - Video - Sales - Letters. In this video, you’ll learn how to use what we call a “hybrid VSL” to sell your products and services. You will also learn why we do not recommend using the standard video or text-only sales letter, and how we use a new strategy to increase sales conversions.

Video #2 – Who is Your Audience? Big mistake that many people make when creating sales letters is jumping into writing them before understanding their target audience. In this video, I will show you what tools you can use to figure out who your audience really is. If you know who you’re writing to, it will make the process of crafting your sales pitch much easier than trying to sell to a general audience. This means you’ll connect better with each potential customer, and your conversion rate will be much higher.

Video #3 – What is Your Audience’s Pain? Part of writing an effecting sales letter is figuring out your audience’s pain: what problems do they face, and how does your product or service solve that problem? By digging deep into that pain, you will be able to directly sell to your audience and make them believe that they need what you’re offering. By applying the brainstorming strategy detailed in this video, you will be able to quickly create an effective sales letter when we begin actually piecing things together.

Video #4 – Common Buyer Objections and Resistance. Besides understanding your audience’s pain, you need to figure out the main reason why many of them do not buy. Completing this step will allow you to list these reasons in your sales letter and speak directly to the customer considering them. In this video, we will cover some of the most common reasons for objection and resistance so that you can safely apply them later on.

Video #5 – Video Sales Letter Formula. There are two parts to the hybrid vsl. The first part is, of course, to write out the sales letter. The second part is applying technology to what has been written, and then inserting other types of technology into the sales letter itself.

Video #6 -“What’s in it for me? Why should I believe you?” These are two very common questions that people are going to ask as they watch your video. Your prospects ultimately want to know why they should purchase from you. Thus, you will need to show them the exact reasons why your product or service is beneficial to them. In other words, what is the end result for them? What will they gain? In addition, they will also want to know why they should believe you in relation to your credentials– something you can back up with social proof. We’ll cover exactly how to do that in this video.

Video #7 – Your Pitch. At this point in the video, it’s time to make your offer, give your pitch, and get your audience to take action. So in this video, we will be covering six different points that are crucial to closing the sale and getting people to ultimately either buy your product or service, or take whatever action you’re trying to get them to take.

Video #8 – Technology: Video Conversions Bump. In order to complete the hybrid smart VSL, it’s critical that you finish the series with Videos 8 and 9.These videos will show you how to apply technology to the written sales letter, and where in your sales letter you should include certain items to increase your conversion rate. As times have changed, technology has changed as well.

Video #9 – Text vs. Screen Capture. Another way to increase your conversions in application to the hybrid video sales letter is by figuring out when you should use screen capture video. Text-only VSLs do not cut it nowadays when selling certain types of products. That and more will be covered in this video to ensure that you are ahead of the game, as well as your competition that’s stuck using the old style video sales letters.

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