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Live the affiliate marketers dream, with this ...

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

This is why this affiliate marketing opportunity is for you.

IMAGINE YOUR LIFE ... as you really really want it.

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I'm here today, to tell you, that you can have it, exactly as you want. If you make the right decision. Because today YOU have the opportunity to accelerate this achievement, like a hot knife through butter, when you ....

grab your first mover advantage.

People like me and you can live the life of our dreams.

As online marketers our incomes can be up and down. And most make little or none at all.

It's a life that can be filled with failing, struggling, overwhelm and frustration. Marketers are often let down by poor products and services. Empty promises that reflect on you badly.

The gap between what you want and where you are is HUGE.  ALL OF THAT IS ABOUT TO END>>>.

Because TODAY you have the opportunity to jump onboard one of the BIGGEST THINGS to hit the internet.

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These have already grab their opportunity

affiliate marketer martin
Angie affiliate marketer
paul affiliate marketer

Martin says, “Before joining the affiliate program I was heavily struggling selling my own software and building a profitable online business.

Just after promoting this opportunity for 6 weeks I made more than $10,000 in affiliate commissions.

Getting 40% commissions and 10% Tier 2 commissions automatically is something you will not find in any other affiliate program.

If you are still on the fence, I highly recommend them!”

Angie says, "My mind is blown - 1 month ago I started promoting this as an affiliate...

I have made over $30,000 in expected commission in just 1 month.

As a newbie affiliate marketer, I am so thankful for this opportunity to promote such a game-changing all-in-one solution that is going to change the landscape!

This is life-changing! Wishing everyone the best on their affiliate venture!”

Paul says, "There really is no question of if you ‘should’ promote this affiliate program, it’s really a case of ‘when’.

If you do it now then you can really make a difference (and a lot of money) or you can choose later when it’s way more of a red ocean.”

For me, Martin, Angie and Paul this is just the beginning.

Because this affiliate marketing opportunity is set to become truly outstanding. Stop and think how wonderful it would be if you were in at the beginning of something that turned out to be GREAT.

Just imagine what your bank balance would be now if you'd have invested in ...




FaceBook ... at the beginning.

Many people have regretted missed opportunities ... those who rejected the BEATLES, Turned down the HARRY POTTER books. There are loads and loads of examples, aren't there.

I don't want you to have regrets.

Easy and Simple To Do

Because you have first mover advantage you will find this easier and simpler than anything you've been involved in before. As an online marketer whether just starting out, comparatively new or more seasoned. You'll benefit from 'high recurring commissions', a slice of other peoples earnings and, if you want to, you can leave all the selling to someone else.

Is this opportunity something YOU could benefit from?

Of course it is.


groove cm affiliate marketing opportunity crowd

It's the


Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Over the Covid -19 period Groove held back it’s big launch and worked on a freemium model to build a database of interested people. This is and will in the future be marketed as a free for life software. You basically give away free stuff. Which of course is easier than selling stuff.

People who were in the know about online marketing saw this and joined in big numbers. This meant that Groove while still in beta, has become the no 1 software in the online tools area. And there are now more than 550,000 using the state of the art software.

It also financed it’s development with ‘beta’ lifetime offers. This simply gave all the lifetime members a very very special deal. In that they would have unlimited access to all the tools in groove for a onetime payment. They would also get all future updates and tools for free. An outstanding deal that I have taken advantage of.

However, this beta deal is coming to an end at the end of this year. Because groove is going into full launch mode and will be publicizing the software like never before.

So if you haven’t got your lifetime deal yet have a look at it, with fresh eyes. If you really can’t get the lifetime and you haven’t got your FREE FOR LIFE ACCOUNT yet ... go here to get it now.

Why Groove Is Set To Become Massive

Well it’s to do with two factors.

The Tools.

The Affiliate Program.

When this platform is fully launched next year it will dominate the market because of the quality of the tools. It is at the moment the only software of its kind to adhere to Googles mobile first rule. Which means that websites and funnels built will be favoured by google in the search results.

It also uses the latest technology while the competitors are stuck with old clunky solutions. Clickfunnels for example at the time of writing builds it’s own website on WordPress, not it’s own software. So there is no doubt that when the launch takes place there will be a massive take up because of the technology.

There will also be a huge shift from existing competitors because of the pricing.

For a fraction of the cost of any rivals there will be all the tools anyone needs to be online. With paid plans starting at just $99 a month it is bound to be a winner.

And the good news is that everyone who holds an account [paid or free] will automatically have an affiliate account so when they tell people how great this is. They will get paid. This is where the chance to get a first mover advantage, is available to you today.

superpowers for affiliate marketers

Reasons Why

Here are the reasons that, like me, you should be aiming to promote Groove above any other SAAS product:

1.  Lucrative Recurring Commission.

This program pays 40% recurring to paid members and 20% to free members.

Groove is a recurring affiliate program that means when you referred someone through your exclusive affiliate link groove will pay you 40% of the monthly fee for as long as the membership exists. $99 x 40% = $39.60

Introduce 10  = $990 x 40% = $396 per month.

Introduce 100 = $9900 x 40% = $3960 every month.

There is no limit to how many you can introduce. Some people who are very active will make fortunes.

Do you want to be one of them?

You can clearly see why a recurring affiliate program is much better than a one-time payment because both take the same time and effort. But recurring pays BIG rewards.

The Groove affiliate program is a great way to make money fast with no risk. Because you can if you wish start as a free member makes some money and use that to get your lifetime deal or invest in your membership on a monthly basis.

But then the affiliate program gets even better.

2. It also has a 2-Tier commission structure. 

This means that when the people you introduce, introduce other people you get paid. Paid members get 10% and free members get 5%.

So on a $99 fee it's $9.90.

Your second tier introduce 100 = $99 per month.

Your second tier introduce 1000 = $990 per month.

Again there is no limit. You could be earning from thousands of people.

This works just to this level because groove is not MLM or Network Marketing. It just wants to reward their affiliates fairly. A true win win relationship, that gets even better as you will see.

3. Others will work to convert from free to paid.

Lots and lots of free members upgrade to paid. Some figures are quoted saying that around 27% convert to paid. And this could be from your efforts, the efforts of groove or the efforts of other affiliates.

Lots of people are not that good at selling online, and if you are one of them, there is no need to despair because you can still benefit from this coming windfall.

Here is how it works if you or any of the groove marketing team converts someone from free to paid then you get paid your full commission on both tiers.

Now this is very helpful because groove has some of the smartest marketers on the planet. Also groove have some world class affiliate marketers in the affiliate program. Now if someone you have introduced visits say one of their webpages , funnels, webinars etc and converts through their efforts to a paid member then you split the commission 50/50. Most other affiliate programs you wouldn’t get anything. But with Groove everything is fair


4. Tagged Introductions.

The Groove affiliate system tags your introduction to you for life that means when or where they upgrade, 1, 3, 6, months, or 5 years later, it really doesn’t matter. Because you will get paid.

The First Tag Wins Policy secures your referrals under your name. No bonuses, webinars, blog posts, or live events can take credit for your referrals. And according to the CEO of Groove Mike Filsaime, 1 in 5 people who click on your affiliate link will become a Groove member.

It is important to start promoting Groove as soon as possible to acquire new members under your name. Because when they upgrade as very many do you will receive your commissions.

Action takers will become Money Makers

Go Here To Start Promoting Groove Today.

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Groove Life Time = Platinum