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WEBSITE Cheat Sheet

do more with your website

This website cheat sheet is in two parts or two steps.

Get Your Website Right.

How To Turn Your Website Into An Unstoppable New Business Generating Machine

With 3 Simple Tweaks ... whatever the type or size of your business!


1)                 Deliver The Right Message Via Your Website

2)                 Employ The Right Structure As You Create Your Website

3)                 Use The Right Promotion To Get Your Website Ranked Highly In The Search Engines.


In order to implement this I need to give you some software that is normally £70+ per month for FREE.

This will show you on an actual site how to implement everything and you can either do a real build with the software or implement on your own website. 9 out 0f 10 prefer this new software.



If you are not sure about using the free software watch this video to discover …

The Secret Tools and Strategies That Give You And Your Business An Advantage Over Your Competition

Anyone who fails to know and implement these secrets will find themselves eaten by their competition who uses them.

[ If you have someone who looks after your website then get them to watch this. If it’s an agency who charges you money then watch this yourself – do the math – and make your decision. ]


After FREE For LIFE SOFTWARE set up … watch the video above and then navigate in your members area to the Tutorials.

Also use the video search to get help on any subject.

Join the FREE Facebook Group and get free access to the YouTube information channel.

You will learn in detail how to:-

1)        Deliver The Right Message

2)        Employ The Right Structure

3)        Use The Right Promotion


For website promotion you will find this article and service very helpful.

Discover how the latest state of the art move is to WEBSITE FUNNELS where the movers and shakers of the internet are transitioning to.

Today traditional websites are becoming obsolete as Google controls by and large the internet.

They are demanding that an internet property meets certain criteria in order to be well placed in the search engine results. This means that most businesses need to fix their websites with the FUNNEL TWEAK.

It’s clear if you want your website to be an unstoppable new business generating machine then you have to attend to two areas.

First you need to turn your website into a website funnel or if you do have a funnel to turn it into a website funnel.

Second you have to make sure that when your website funnel is set up correctly that Google loves your site and will promote it to the top of the search results.

You will find how to do that here.

People will often type into google fix my website because they have a technical issue as to loading video or pictures. Or webpages not showing. The pages I’m directing you to isn’t for these kind of things as frankly they should not happen on a good website.

No this fix my website software and training is to do with the structure of your website and the visibility of your website on the internet.

The Website and Funnel Has Been Replaced By Something We Call

"The Website Funnel."