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Online Business Success Is Automatic …

When These Four Factors Are Right

Online Business Success Stories

There are many online business success stories from the Philippines, Australia and UK.

In fact in every country where online business is growing, there are hundreds of people starting their own online businesses.

Most of them are ordinary people like you who want to be their own boss and earn the money and freedom they know they deserve.

They follow the basic steps of building a business establishing an idea, finding a supplier, creating a product, advertising and selling the product.

However there are important factors that they overlook, which leads to a less than successful outcome.

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Here are some lessons you can take from these ordinary online business success stories.

You can apply them to your own online business.

First, you have to identify a market need, which is often a lack of resources in a particular industry. Then, you have to find a supplier of that product or service, which can make your venture profitable.

The next step, after establishing the market, is to create a product or a service that solves the need identified by the market entrepreneur. The online business success stories in the Philippines, Australia and UK, for example, focus on the founder's primary objective, which was to provide a solution to people who have a problem.

Other online business success stories are about being a successful affiliate.

The succesful affiliate built his online business, which involved creating web content and publishing it on websites related to information on health, money management, marketing, and spirituality.

He also published articles on blogs and websites that attract readers from all walks of life.

He started using social media to reach out to online individuals and business owners .

The online business success stories are about online money makers.

People around the globe have been raking in thousands of dollars by setting up online businesses the right way.

The first step they had to take was building their own website, which is free. Next, they posted relevant content on their site, which attracted readers, who in turn patronized the site. Content is what drives online traffic, and once they start getting traffic, this attracts more visitors, who proceed to purchase products and services.

Successful online business stories can be inspiring and motivational, especially when we face challenges along the way. But there are more important factors that will determine our chances of making it big in online marketing.

These are the four critical factors that you will see further down the page.

make your online business successful

How To Make Your Online Business Successful

I am often asked, "what makes an online business successful?" And I have of course, at the beginning of my online business journey asked the same question.

I got a load of different answers.

The most common was, “if you have good content on your site and you regularly update it, you are on the right track.” It is true that you need good content on your website and you do need to periodically update it. But it is not the answer.

Another was, “if you want to make quick cash without spending a lot of money, you should focus on search engine optimization or SEO.” This was really wide of the mark because SEO takes time and can take a lot of money.

Think about it.

Whatever your website is about, there are likely to be thousands of websites on the same topic. Yet only a few listings on the first page of Google. Yes it’s easy to rank on the first page of the search results for your business name but not so easy for what you do and the keyword phrases that people use to search for what you do.

The so called online business success tips that are put out online and on YouTube are not always helpful and many are just a front to try and sell you some high overpriced ‘course’ from some self-styled Guru.

There is no wonder that the online business success rate is so low. People are just not getting the right advice and help.

Some recent studies have found that over 90% of new online businesses fail inside the first 4 months.

This is a somewhat dreadful figure, isn't it?

If you have a new online business, or you are considering starting one. I guess you will want to be one of those who build long-term online success.

If you are already in business online I guess you will only be too receptive to factors that will increase you success online.

So let’s take a look.

critical success factors for online business

Critical Success Factors for Online Business

There are four critical success factors for online business success. These are not simplified tips for online business success. They are proven and tested factors that simply work day after day after day.

According to Researchgate.net. The top factors found to be most critical for the success in e-commerce are:

quick responsive products/services,

organizational flexibility,

services expansion,

systems integration and

enhanced customer service.

I have found that it is really much simpler than that.

These are the 4 essential for automatic online business success.

1.    Website.

2.    Payment Processor.

3.    Email Service.

4.    Social Accounts.

However, it is not just having these it is knowing how to use them the right way.

It is this that makes your online business success automatic.

If you are serious about doing business online. Then I am happy to share this information with you freely.

Just fill in the box and I’ll send you a link.

There is no doubt that online when done right is more stable than offline business. And the world is seeing long time brick-and-mortar business closing or going bankrupt. The move to online because of the Covid 19 pandemic has been at break neck speed. This is your opportunity to have online business success..