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Malcolm Ivinson

Online Marketer

Who Is Malcolm Ivinson?

Malcolm is married to the to the gorgeous Yvonne who enjoy Livin, Laughin and Lovin together. He is father to Chris and Fiona and grandfather to Joshua - Elliot - Laurence

malcolm ivinson

Malcolm doesn't care for the term expert as he interprets it 'EX - SPURT' = a has been drip under pressure!

Experts are seen as those who know a lot of information. They share information.

Malcolm prefers those who know how to do. So they can not only share information but do it in such away that people can implement what they are taught.  (a difference that is like teaching someone swimming from a text book as to in a pool) 

As a successful online marketer he is now engaged in helping businesses generate unstoppable new leads, prospects, customers, clients or patients.

His book ‘How Any Business Can Sell More Products and/or Services Without Expensive Advertising’ is a game changer for many. You can view it here.

Malcolm understands how frustrating GROWING YOUR BUSINESS can be. So he liberates business owners and managers from spending all of their time trying to generate leads instead of delivering their valuable services to their customers, clients or patients.

Malcolm has also been instrumental in creating financial independence for many individuals.

By showing them how to make money with an online business where they work once but yet get paid for life.

To explore how Malcolm can help you grow your business visit https://onlinebusinessatoz.com

Malcolm is ‘in his own mind’ a world famous Himalayan Horseman and Sky Diver.

Malcolm Ivinson and Yvonne Everest

Himalayan Horseman

Yvonne and I had gone trekking in the Himalayas. And after flying in to Tenzing-Hillary Lukla airport started walking up to Namche Bazaar accompanied by our guide and a couple of porters.

On the way up I had eaten some bad cheese and to put it politely, it had given me a bad dose of dysentery.

Over the next few days I got worse and worse, so I needed to go to the Edmund Hillary Hospital in Khumjung. Yvonne and the guide arranged in the middle of the night a transfer to the hospital.

The ambulance was a horse called Monjo, which was to take me over the steep mountain passes to the hospital. Feeling like I was dying, the instruction for riding the horse successfully and not falling off. Was when going uphill lean forward and when going downhill lean back.

Simple instruction from someone who rode horses in the Himalayas every day. I trusted him and it worked and I arrived at the hospital safely.

The good news is that after treatment and a couple of days I was as fit as a butchers dog. And now call myself a … Himalayan Horseman!

malcolm and yvonne ivinson

Sky Diver

Yvonne and I hadn’t been married long and lived in a small flat in the attic of a house in Aberdeen Scotland. At that time I worked as a wholesale Milk truck driver and the garage of the business used to mend any fault on our cars.

One day I put my car in for service and went home in the truck. When I arrived home I realized that my house keys were on the key ring with my cars keys at the garage. And Yvonne was at work.

However, when I looked up at the window to our flat in the attic it was open. So I thought I could climb up the drain pipe to the roof and shimmy across the roof to the open window.

Up the pipe I went and got to the roof, feeling pretty good at getting there I started to move across the roof towards the open window.

Only one problem, I’d still got my driving boots on and they wouldn't grip the roof. So slowly but surely I began to slide towards the end of the roof as I went over the edge I launched myself to land it the dug soil of the garden to avoid the path below.

I am happy to report that I managed to land in the soil with no broken legs to report. Later that evening though I had to go to be checked over at the hospital because I could hardly walk because of pain in my feet.

The good news here is that after a couple of weeks hobbling around everything was fine and I could call myself a sky diver or if you want to be picky a roof diver.