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3 Ways To Make Money Online

I’m often asked, "which are the best 3 ways to make money online?"

And the answer is it depends on what you want to do. And of course how much money you want to make. 

Some people want to make a few hundred dollars extra a month to make life easier and keep them out of debt.

Others want to make a few thousand dollars a month so they can live the life they want and not the life that somebody else says they can have. 

Some want to earn as much cash and money online as they can as fast as they can, just as a way of keeping score.

For me making money online is all about FREEDOM!

Freedom to work when and where I want.

Freedom to choose the lifestyle I want and not have to live as others say because they set a limit on how much money I can make.


When you read some stuff on the internet they tell you, you need to sell or do that which you are passionate about to make money.

I don’t agree because I make money from areas that I’m not particularly passionate about. But they are hot markets and produce good cash returns for me.

My Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is how to make money online today for free. And in my opinion it is where everyone should start and never leave. Because affiliate marketing is an exceedingly lucrative way to create income online.

It's moderately simple, it may be done with little or no expenses, and the assortment of niches to sell caters for everyone.

You don’t have to create anything or perform any service. You simply start to promote other people’s products or services and get well paid to do so.

You can do it from home.

There is no employees.

There is no customer service.

Your sole aim is to introduce someone who is interested in a product or service to the vendor and then collect your commission when they buy.

This is how to make money and I LOVE IT!

To find out more about

affiliate marketing visit this page.

However picking out the correct affiliate program and affiliate products or services to market is critical to your success.

Abiding by these easy steps will assist you in making the most beneficial choices.

Put together a list of affiliate programs and affiliate products for each one of the niches that are of interest to you.

Assess the commission structure of the affiliate plans on your list. Commissions commonly range from five percent to 40 percent for physical merchandise and up to 100 percent + for digital merchandise.

Have a look at the vendor's payment processes. The more reputable companies will pay you either via check or PayPal. A lot more will even pay you through one of the affiliate networks like Clickbank, who will, in turn, compensate you by check or direct deposit.

Have a look at the vendor's sales page. This is the page that will be looked at by visitors you refer to the parent company. A great sales page will be simple to read and simple to navigate when the buyer is prepared to make a purchase.

Have a look at what your rivals are marketing. Look up relevant keywords in your preferred search engine and check over the sponsored ads and organic results. If no one is promoting your chosen affiliate products or something like it, then there might be no demand for them in the current market.

When choosing to sell affiliate products look for those that have a monthly recurring sale as this will bring you financial freedom a lot quicker than having to find new buyers all the time.

One of the newer developments to earn from is the leveraged affiliate marketing concept, where you will earn on a recurring basis and earn from the efforts of others.

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This is how to make money online easy and free.

ways to make money online own product picture

2. Create Your Own Product

Creating your own product or service can generate thousands of dollars on launch day, and go on to sell thousands more through set up back-end systems, time-limited offers, and special deals available only to those who purchase during the launch phase.

However most “first-time” product or service developers fail to make significant money if any at all, selling it. In my opinion this should be done once you have established a reliable income with affiliate marketing.

There’s no question; a carefully planned and executed product launch can catapult you into the six-figure earning bracket, and set you up for ongoing success. There are documented cases of million dollar day launches but these are not first timers.

If you do decide that creating your own product or service is for you to make money online then get some help here before you waste time and money.

3. Increase Your Existing Business

increase your business to make money online

It may be that you already have a business in goods or services that you want to increase by going online to sell. You see the potential of making more money online.

That’s a wise choice.

You are not alone because during the Covid 19 lock down more than 85,000 businesses have launched online shops, according to new research from Growth Intelligence.

Businesses in nearly every sector have accelerated their online digital transformation to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and meet the growing demand for online shopping.

With research showing that millions of people have been shopping online for the first-time during lockdown. And this new demand set to continue, many businesses that would historically have distributed via shops, restaurants or distributors have started selling direct to customers for the first time.

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These are the best 3 proven ways to make money online ...

... but the money won’t just flow in because you have decided to do one or all of the 3.

Because … It’s All About Marketing On The Internet!

You need to be skilled at using the online tools to automate making money. And know how to make the best offers. When you deal with problems and solutions that lead indirectly to your OFFER as the resolution. Your bank balance will bulge.

To produce a lifelong revenue automatically with your internet marketing business, you have to build up your own email lists.

It does not take long to learn to use an autoresponder tool so you can build your list. And when your e-mail sequence is set up, you don’t have to worry about it.

Just like many of you, I at one time had to discover the most profitable ways to make money online.

I want you to experience the success and JOY of money-making online and being able to produce the income you want for the lifestyle you want.

Let’s begin now...

Choose one of the 3 Ways To Make Money Online …

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